About Northern Soul

If you love the North, then Northern Soul is the website for you. Written in the North of England by Northern writers, Northern Soul is a celebration of culture and enterprise, from theatre, music, authors and art to heritage, small businesses, food and leading figures, as well as everything in-between.

We talk to the people who work, rest and play in the North of England and scour the region for interesting stories, histories, ambitions and events. Want to read a carefully crafted article about an oddball museum or go behind the scenes of a leading institution? You can find that here. Fancy checking out an interview with a major Northern personality or discovering the inside track on a new initiative? Look no further. Like looking at lovely pictures of Northern goodness? We have them.

Northern Soul is not a listings site. It is not an exhaustive guide. Plenty of those exist already. This webzine is a collection of really good stuff to do, reflect on and ponder North of the Watford Gap. Although we are based in Manchester – and love waxing lyrical about our glorious city – you could just as easily find us musing on the attractions of Leeds, the appeal of Keswick or the darn right wonderfulness of Newcastle. If it’s Northern and it’s good then it’s here.

But, and it’s a big but, we believe that our stories have universal appeal. Yes, we’re based in the North of England, but our articles can be enjoyed anywhere, from Timperley to Timbuktu.

To find out more about Northern Soul, visit the website here.